BVV 5 Gallon Vacuum Chamber Digital Heating Jacket

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5 Gallon Vacuum Chamber Digital Heating Jacket

A vacuum chamber heating jacket provides the user the ability to evenly heat the chamber around the circumference while being very stable and when combined with a heating pad it covers most of the vessel distributing heat on what is being degassed in the vessel.


Key Features:

    • Velcro Connections on each end.

    • Digital PID Temperature Controller for accurate and stable control.

    • Made of heat resistant silicone.



    • Min Temp: Ambient +5F


    • Max Set Temp: 248F

    • Ultimate Max Temp: 248F

    • Voltage: 110VAC Only

    • Precision: 1 degree F increments.

    • Stability: +/- 0.2 F

    • Dimensions: Approx. 9.8"W x 40"L

    • Instructions Included

    • Relay Lifespan 10million Cycles

    • Reprogrammable: Yes

This product comes with the Digital Heating Jacket ONLY, does not include the chamber.

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