BVV 316L Stainless Dutch Weave Sintered Filter Disk 1 micron and up - BUNA-N

Power Lab Supply 1SKU: SD1M-1B
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Size: 1.5"
Micron Level: 1 Micron
Sale price$54.45 USD

316L Dutch Weave Sintered Filter Disk

**Note: This product comes with Filter Disk and Gasket ONLY. Filter Plate and Spool are NOT included.  Recommended Filter plate .

 These 316L stainless steel dutch weave filter disks come with a custom made gasket to allow the user to insert filtration between clamping ends of any Tri-Clamp interface. The interface fits so snug, its inherent design prevents any blow-by. 



Pressure Ratings w/o any backing support; strait pipe connection:
1.5" 200PSI
2" 200PSI
3" 200PSI
4" 200PSI
6" 50PSI
8" 10PSI *Supporting Back Plate Required P#
10" 10PSI *Supporting Back Plate Required P#
12" 10PSI *Supporting Back Plate Required P#





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