Across International 3/8" Reinforced Santoprene Food Grade Chilling and Heating Tubing -75F to 275F

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Material: Santoprene


Tubing Dimension:  3/8″ ID X 5/8″ OD X 1/8″Wall


Uses: This tubing is for use with all Ai Heating units and for C30 Recirculating Units.

Shore Hardness: 

Hardness Typical Value (English) Typical Value (SI) Test-Based On

Shore A, 15 sec, 73℉ (23℃)

78 78 ISO 868


Physical Characteristics

Physical Typical Value (English) Typical Value (SI) Test-Based On
Density / Specific Gravity 0.960 0.960 ASTM D792
Desity 0.960 g/cm^3 0.960 g/cm^3 ISO 1183


Temperature and Pressure

Extrusion Typical Value (English) Typical Value (SI)
Drying Temperature 180 ℉ 82 ℃
Drying Time 3.0 hr 3.0 hr
Melt Temperature  395 ℉ 202 ℃
Die Temperature 400 ℉ 204 ℃
Back Pressure 725 to 2900 psi 5.00 to 20.0 MPa


Tubing Operating Pressure: Not to exceed 50 psi

Operating Temperature: -75F to 275F



  • FDA Food contact, Unspecified rating
  • NSF STD-51
  • UL QMFZ2
  • UL QMFZ8

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