BVV 14" Vacuum Chamber Digital Heat Pad

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14" Vacuum Chamber Digital Heat Pad
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Chamber NOT Included, Sold Separately. Heat Pad must fit correct size of the chamber! Fits a 10 Gallon and 1.6GL flat Chamber


This Digital Heat Pad will adhere to the bottom of a chamber vessel with a peel and stick backing.


This unit will hold a temperature within a degree to the set temperature (dependent on the environment and air movement).


The temperature offset must be found to set the controller accurately. (See ‘Operation’ instructions in the operation manual)



Included with this Digital Heat Pad:

  • Instructions on how to operate and set parameters.
  • Simple standoff bumpers (provide thermal separation between the vessel and the work surface)
  • Thermal tape (best method to check and verify temperature)



  • UL Listed Fahrenheit Digital Controller.
  • Min Temp: Ambient + 5
  • Max Set Temp: 160F
  • Ultimate Max Temp: 248F
  • Voltage: 110VAC Only
  • Power Consumption: 220-watt
  • Digital Control: Increments of 1 Degree.
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2 Degrees
  • Units: Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Instructions: Fully included
  • Relay Lifespan: Approx. 10 million cycles
  • User can reprogram: Yes


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