Prescott Distillation Multi Stage

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Prescott Distillation Multi Stage


 The first fully continuous operation of otherwise batch-to-batch processes, the Prescott Multi-Stage is our fully automated solution for high-volume, high quality post processing with greatly decreased labor costs and material losses.

The Multi-Stage minimizes human error and ensures maximum throughput and potency by combining molecular distillation with post-processing elements – the ultimate in continuous distillate production. 


  • Solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and two distillation passes within a single unit

  • Integrated PLC and touch screen for total control, performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting

  • Heated gear pumps and transfer lines to prevent material solidification

  • Customizable to your exact specifications


Throughput: Up to 5L/hr continuous output depending on selected options/ customization

SOLVENT RECOVERY  - Liquid solvent is removed from crude extract following the winterization and filtration processes

DECARBOXYLATION - Heated reactor vessel under vacuum with overhead stirrer to activate bioactive constituents

DISTILLATION I - Molecular still with light vacuum & low heat to vaporize terpenes, residual solvent, and “light” molecules that would impede vacuum performance for the distillate pass

DISTILLATION II - Molecular still with heavy vacuum and high heat to produce final distillate, without need for repassing material or “polishing”

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