Prescott Distillation Dual Stage

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Prescott Distillation Dual Stage


Prescott Dual-Stage increases your distilling capacity to the power of two by combining two P1000 units, enabling two successive passes of distilled materials within a single system.

Connected by an additional gear transfer pump and optional integrated PLC, the semi-automated system is a turnkey distillation solution optimized for efficient operation and increased throughput and decreased cleaning times. The result is simplified production, enabling you to reduce labor and avoid gaps in production between batches. 

  • Quick switch between dual-mode and independent single mode
  • Optimized for efficient devolatilization and distillation in a single pass
  • Eliminates need to run material through the same system twice under different parameters
  • Dual set of sensors and precise digital controllers to ensure reproducibility between batches
  • Full-tempered design for maximum surface area to optimize heat transfer
  • Customizable to your specifications; upgradeable to MultiStage 

Throughput: Up to 7.2 Kg/her(x2) Or 4 kg/hr output distillate -125kg per week per shift

allow for high reproducibility and vacuum precision, powered by multiple sensors and digital controller to ensure consistent operation and easy monitoring

SYSTEM REDUNDANCY is ensured by two systems operating in tandem, with one unit always operational during maintenance and repair

SUCCESSIVE PASSES incorporates two molecular stills for both devolatilization and final pass distillation – first vaporizes terpenes, residual solvent, and “light” contaminant molecules, followed by pure distillate production

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