BVV Celatom FW-50 Diatomaceous Earth 1.85 micron *Compare to Celite 545

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Celatom® FW-50

Food Codex Grade, Compare to Celite® 545

Filters particles down to 1.85 micron

This filter aid is a white flux calcined diatomaceous earth.  It has a fast speed filtration rating.  Its applications   At BVV we like to use Celatom FW-50 for botanical extract de-fat filtration in any of our .  Above our paper filter, we build a 1/4"-1/2" bed of media that we use to clarify and separate winterized waxes out of our ethanol from the winterization process.  We prefer this over just the filter paper because it results in less clogging and more run time. 

Some other applications are wort beer, antibiotics, casein, pressed juices, lacquers, polymers, syrups, sorghum, varnish, water, corn gluten, citric juices, chemicals, resins, enzymes, enamels, kelp, plastics, shellacs, and corn syrup to name a few. 


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