Active Aqua 2.0 Infinity Tray, 4' x 4' (Division Tray)

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Active Aqua introduces the new and improved 2.0 Infinity Trays by Staal Plast — an array of premium UV-stable High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) expandable trays that work with standard 4' wide and 5’ wide benches. Designed for commercial installations. After many years of continuous use, the trays are still 100% recyclable.

The 2.0 Infinity Trays consists of End Trays, Middle Trays, and Division Trays which interlock to form 1 continuous grow tray maximizing your square footage.

Each 2.0 Infinity Tray setup MUST include the following, in consecutive order: (1) End Tray w/Drain, (up to 7) Middle Trays, (1) Division Tray, and (1) End Tray.

  1. (1) End Tray w/Drain -6.5’ length
  2. (1-7) Middle Tray - 6.5' length
  3. (1) Division Tray - 4' or 2' length
  4. (1) End Tray - 6.5' length

Staal Plast Polystyrene glue (STP3010 sold separately) is used to seal the trays together at each joint.

*Download the 2.0 Infinity Tray Installation Guide for more details.

Tray Info:

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Low profile at 2.5-inch height
  • Polystyrene glue seals trays together permanently at each joint, (STP3010 sold separately)
  • No arch lip allows you to maximize your inner tray space
  • Maximum tray length of 65'
  • Division Trays can be cut to size (top of block only) to customize tray length
  • Recyclable—made from UV-stable High Impact Polystyrene
  • Shallow grooves for easy cleaning

Recommended Use:

  • Active Aqua IZON Rolling Bench Systems
  • Active Aqua 4x8 Rolling Bench (AARBK48)
  • IGE Benches
  • Standard 4’ & 5’ wide benches

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